Most Epic forum upgrade --- Discord widget

Discourse released a major version upgrade just over two weeks ago, and I’ve finally been able to make some time to roll it out tonight. Let me know if you notice anything wonky.

I’ve also put a Discord widget in the title bar of the site. You will only see the widget on the desktop version of the site, as per the directions. I’m not sure what will happen if I try to use the same JavaScript in the mobile template, but I’ll try it out sometime.

Discourse requires that you customise each theme individually, so our light and dark themes have light and dark widgets to go with them.

Discourse update highlights

Here are some highlights of the stuff we got with the recent forum upgrade.

Bigger emoji

When 1-3 emoji exists on their own line, they’re now automatically made larger! Now you can communicate in emoji without needing to squint as much.

:tada: :fireworks: :boom:

Award a badge to a set of users

Badges now support “bulk award”, allowing admins to upload a list of user emails which will all be granted a badge.

Maybe this will be useful for MyGame in future.

MaxMind DB downloads now require a license key

Due to changes required by the CCPA, MaxMind has changed the download process.

I’ll look into this in future.

Internet Explorer 11 Deprecation

Discourse will be ending support for IE11 on June 1, 2020.

Wait… Discourse still supports IE? Impressive!


Single Option Polls

Polls can now be created with a single option - vote or don’t vote. Note that once you vote there is no way to remove the vote.

Is this the greatest forum update post you have ever read?

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Poll group restriction

Polls can also be restricted to a specific group.

This is a poll for members of Team Rhino

  • Rhinos are the best
  • No, really. RHINOS ARE THE BEST!

0 voters

This poll can only be done by members of Team Cat

  • Kitties are the best
  • No, really. CATS ARE THE BEST!

0 voters

Invite users from your contact list

Users can now be invited from the contact list when using Android.

Get spamming!

(Don’t really spam, but feel free to invite folks using the new feature.)

Search both public and personal messages

Using the in:all flag, you can search both in both public topics as well as PMs.

No major changes.

Differentiate Between PMs and Topics in Search Results

Users can use the in:all search filter, introduced in Discourse 2.4, to search both public and personal topics at the same time. Results in search now show the PM envelope when the result is a PM to visually differentiate topics from PMs.

Auto-archive Group Message on Close

Group messages are a great way to enable discussion between a user and a group, or amongst a group itself. Group inboxes are shared, so it can be helpful to to archive messages once they are handled. Now, when group messages are closed, they’ll automatically be archived.


A lot of info, so I will take your word for it :smiley:




:zap: :zap: :zap:

Larger emojiiiiiis

smaller emojiiiiis :upside_down_face:


Speaking of Discord, we’ve a bot in another server that I’m on that has Cards Against Humanity. It doesn’t have all the packs that the .xyz site has afaik, but it is a much simpler interface. IT PMs you with your cards and you choose a reaction emote to pick what you want to play.

Might be something to look into?


Can you find out more?



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I know the bot sending us the cards is but I don’t see the game listed in their features… I’m not really familiar with discord bots, so I don’t think I can give much info. I see things like when I search online…

I’d be willing to put some time in to figure something out.


Has anyone also noticed how after this update now when we like/heart a post on mobile it vibrates the phone? Just a small thing I noticed.


Mine is like heavy soft hardly feel it


Yeah, but more like a haptic feedback, similar to my typing on the phone keyboard.


That’s so cool!