Most Epic GRiD Autosport Club [MEWRL]

Invite only, please sign up for RaceNet with your Steam account and request access or ping me on Steam or here to add you.


@czc I’ve added you to the Club

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signed up and requested access

Did you do a racenet account as well?

Indeed and applied to join the club

Hmmmm, don’t the request. I’ll give it some time.

Request to join sent

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Strange. Resent it again this morning in case

Flipped the group to open, you should be able to join without being approved


Will do thank you. Still showing as moderated atm. Will check again in a while

Something’s up with RaceNet, I’ll give it some time

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You show no game activity; You’ll need to run GRiD and link your RaceNet account with your game.

I think you just go to Multiplayer and there should be something to “Sign-in to RaceNet” or something to play online leagues (which is totally what we’re doing)

Ok great will get on that tonight. The game finished downloading overnight

I signed up to this. This is the 3rd racing league I entered in 3 days! I see a lot of racing in my future!


If I don’t have Grid Autosport on Steam will I still be able to join?

I’d REALLY like to join. I love Codies racers. Sadly I have just about no time to game currently. Hopefully in a couple of months’ time when my life calms down a bit.

Yes, just do the RaceNet thing

Join the league; I’ll try run this as long as they’ll allow me

MOSTEPICWINRL currently has 8 RaceNet members



So I downloaded and installed it. Fired it up last night for a practice race and it CTD’ed on me. I remember this being an issue years ago and couldn’t bother to sort it out. So I played Dead Cells for an hour and went to bed.