Most Epic Movie Releases For December 2018


In Chrome at least…

  • Right-Click on the image,
  • very bottom of the pop out menu select “Inspect”,
  • pane with the source code should appear on the right of your screen with the background image element highlighted,
  • look for the bit the starts background-image: url,
  • select and copy the img url (/content/images/2018/11/MEW-Movies-2018-12-done-2.jpg))
  • and paste it after the domain name (



Ok my way is faster :stuck_out_tongue: I shall just open it in the Ghost app where I write the articles :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah, us low-level MEW grunts don’t have the same access privileges as our overlords you. If we did, that’s the better option, yes.


I have it that if you resize the window it shows it just fine. I must have been working on a perfectly sized window to see it ok.

But it’s noted. Next one I’ll post the header image here also :grin:


Peter Jackson is a busy man. More great movies to place on my ever-increasing To-Watch list

Scanned the whole image, pixel by pixel. Nada. Then I inspected the element and discovered I’m not seeing the whole image by using some “web-fu”. I almost called you guys out as liars