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Out of interest, what is VAMP?


I have no idea and googling it isnt safe!


It’s some esoteric term used in the U.S. entertainment industry which basically means “improvise”.

It is usually used in the context of filling time while you wait for something to happen or for someone to get ready. In theatre it can mean to repeat a piece of music while the scene is changed, apparently in jazz and among pianists it originally meant to patch or cover up.

I got it from The Newsroom, where it’s used in both the context of “improvise” and “keep the audience warm while we wait for the journalists/producers to get the facts and prepare a breaking story for broadcast.”


Thanks @SIGSTART Now I have to go and watch The Newsroom again. Dangit :stuck_out_tongue:
Will catch you on discord maybe - dinner time


Ok, finished all my homework for movies and got all the rumoured things each developer/company is showing at e3 so I can follow with properly, then will just discuss with each section after that and VAMP it, and then game of the week decided for me. see you in about 30mins.


I will be there on Discord, at least a bit before 8. I’m not sure if I’d be able to run any of those topics tonight but I will do my best to comment.



10 chars 10 chars 10 chars :slight_smile:


It’s late but I thought this could help you @SIGSTART for the intro song.
Will find more.


So last night was a blast! Thank you @SIGSTART for starting this. Hope the end product comes out okay at least. We spoke way longer than anticipated, so good luck editing that down.


when can we get a sample?


The amount of talk that poor @SIGSTART has to edit, will take a little bit of time


What time did you guys finish up in the end?


Ended up finishing just before 10 I think. But we had way more than one hour of content by then.


The raw recording is 2 hours.

Go ahead without me kid, it’s better this way.


Ok so are we still on for sat?


While we’re still waiting for the first episode to come out.

Also there might be a chance that I can’t attend the recording. I’ll only know tomorrow morning for sure, and will let you all know.


Looking forward to the next one :grin:


I’m still in.

Lots of deadlines caught up with me this week, but I’m hoping to have the first episode out tonight.


I’ll be in the chat making all dem dank comments :slight_smile:


If you can’t join us, a spot will be available for @MalicE. If @MalicE isn’t available at short notice, @Entity can pull in :slight_smile: