Most Epic Podcast 0 sign-ups and topic suggestions

Continuing the discussion from The MEW Podcast:

Let’s get this ball rolling!

The idea is not that this my podcast, or that I will always be hosting/organising. Hopefully I’ll do a few, and then you’ll have a template to work off of.

My feeling with recording a podcast is that participants must treat it like it’s live. That will drastrically simplify the edit, which will make future podcasts more likely.

I’ll make this post a Wiki so that anyone can add their ideas. To add your name to the participants list, vote on the recording date poll and comment in this topic. Let me know if there are too many options on the poll. If it’s clear from the responses on this one that no-one can record during the day I’ll only offer evening options in future.

There can only realistically be three or four people talking in a podcast. If there is no other way to choose participants (e.g. expertise on the topics being discussed), then I’ll be going first-come, first served.

Recording date

Due to the great feedback, I’d like to arrange two recordings:

  1. Monday, May 14, 2018 6:00 PM
  2. (Time not final!) Saturday, May 19, 2018 4:00 PM
  • Monday afternoon
  • Monday evening
  • Tuesday morning
  • Tuesday afternoon
  • Wednesday morning
  • Wednesday afternoon
  • Thursday morning
  • Thurdsay afternoon
  • Friday morning
  • Friday afternoon
  • Friday evening
  • Saturday morning
  • Saturday afternoon
  • Saturday evening

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Topic ideas

Monday runner — 6:00:00 PM

“Runner” is what South Africans call the run-down, for all you Americans who might come across this one day.

Duration Time Topic Person responsible
2min 20:00 Special Intro — what is MEW? @SIGSTART
15min 20:02 News: E3 2018 predictions @DieGrootHammer
5min 20:17 News: Movies and entertainment @Entity
10min 20:22 Why is the Switch not that popular in South Africa (up for grabs)
2min 20:32 Most Epic happenings (?) — MEWME (up for grabs)
5min 20:34 GameClub — Deus Ex: Mankind Divided (up for grabs)
5min 20:39 Challenges: Forza/Driveclub, one-hour, hardware Various
5min 20:44 Most Epic Meta — let’s talk about the site (up for grabs)
4min 20:49 Most Epic Game of the Week ALL
1min 20:53 END / Outtro @SIGSTART

Saturday runner — TBD

“Runner” is what South Africans call the run-down, for all you Americans who might come across this one day.

Duration Time Topic Person responsible
1min 20:00 Intro @SIGSTART
5min Laurel or Yanny? @Entity
5min News: Movies and entertainment @Entity
5min Explosion of RTS games @DieGrootHammer
5min Xbox Adaptive controller @DieGrootHammer
10min Protest Games @SIGSTART
12min What is your favourite game? ALL
5min Most Epic Meta — MEWME, Challenges, etc. ALL
8min What are you playing this week ALL
1min 19:59 END / Outtro @SIGSTART

Speakers / panelists / participants

Monday recording

Saturday recording (tentative)


Still keen. Work during the day so no morning or afternoon slots for me. Dunno what I’d be able to talk about anyway.

Trust me I feel the same way and also cos at work no work hours will be doable. But if you lot can use my voice I’m there

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Posting here seeing that it’s not a wiki yet, ideas for topics:

Games news
Games trailers
Games releases
Movie news/releases
Gaming hardware/tech news/releases
MEW gameclub
MEWME updates
MEW game challenges (Forza/Driveclub)

All I can think of for now

We must get sponsored by Everyone’s getting sponsored by

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Sorry, I’m constantly between Internet connection this week. Mobile network coverage is surprisingly bad even at expensive accommodations just a short distance outside major towns.

… Also Squarespace. They sponsor everyone too.


No prob.
Yeah, squarespace too. Want me to look into them?

Nah, I’m joking.

They only start sponsoring people once they have reach/“influence”. A YouTuber made a video about it once…

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Once you start, they’ll want to sponsor MEW! :grin:

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Once they running can you download a podcast. I’m a bit doff on this stuff.

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Yup. Definitely.

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Keen to subscribe when it’s going. Thank you

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Thank you so much @SIGSTART for starting this. My time has gone away completely from me, so I just could get to pulling the trigger on this.

I am so up for both hosting and talking on the podcast as well. I’ll think a bit about some topics today and add them here.


Possible topics to discuss:

  1. E3 2018 predictions
  2. Games of 2018 and what we look forward to
  3. The indie gaming landscape of South Africa
  4. Why is the Switch not that popular in South Africa
  5. What are we playing this week
  6. Talking about the current GameClub Game, Deus Ex Mankind Divided
  7. Talking about the latest MEWME and possible new MEWME events
  8. Talking about the site and where we’re headed
  9. Discuss our feelings about the battle royale hype
  10. Our favourite games.

Can choose any one or some of those topics. I feel like it should be the host that ultimately decides the topics of discussion for the podcast they are hosting.


If we record twice this week (tonight and Saturday) it looks like we’ll be able to do two podcasts with one change in line-up. That would allow us to cover a bunch of industry topics and spread several forum-related topics over two episodes (e.g. talk about Balls of Steel with @Wyvern! :smiley:)

But first up, tonight!

@DarthMol, @DieGrootHammer, @Entity: When are you available to record from?

  • 18:00
  • 19:00
  • 20:00
  • 21:00

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I do kind of feel there should be an ‘agenda’ for each episode a little before each one so we can research what to talk about before hand a bit. Just so we don’t sound like fools not knowing a thing about anything discussed :slight_smile:

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Agreed. I’ll put a runner/run-down together in the next few hours.

Ninja-edit: It looks like 20:00 is the time. I’ll try to have you all out of there in 30-45 minutes.

I’m thinking we should record using Discord, then folks can listen in and hurl “suggestions” from the peanut gallery (text only, of course).



10 10 10 chars!

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The OP has been updated with the list of participants for tonight and a working draft of the runner.

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That looks good. Um, break a leg guys and all that good stuff.

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Looks good. See you then.