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Hi All

Please post the link to your Steam profile in this thread (if isn’t here already). Also let me know if you want me to edit or remove your name from the list.

Forum Name Steam Username Steam Profile Link
Armitag3 Armitag3
BeoTek BeoTek
Blazzok Blazzok
bradbear brad_coetzee
Crzwaco Crzwaco
czc CzechCrusader
DarthMol DarthMol
DieGrootHammer DieGrootH@mmer
DohcWP DohcWP
Donisia Donisia
FarligOpptreden FarligOpptreden
Fivel Fivel
Flex Flex
FriedPet Nebhula Prophet
GregRedd GregRedd
Hagan Hagan
Hiro HiroZA
jacosmitza jacosmitza
Kwaai Yezzy
MalicE MalicE
MetalSoup MetalSoup
Mister44 Mister 44
Mottamort mottamort
murfle Disco Bear
Murph MurphZor
Pr0fPyr0 Pr0fPyr0
PsychoFish PsychoFish
Shrike Boerewors
Solitude Solitude
Viper ViperGTI
Weasley SirDieALot
wenzdayz wenzdayz
Wlad Myrdlok
Wyvern WyvrenZA
Xiphan Xiphan
z1oc z1oc

MEW Giveaways

here is mine


This is me:



Cool, I’m there already!!!


Ok everyone on this list has been invited to the new steam group please accept


i didnt post in here but i did send a request on steam. if thats ok.


yep I got ya :smiley:


sweet. extra 10 chars


Please add me


I sent a friend request - once you accept that I can add you


List updated.

That account link though. Boersewors. hahahaha


Boerewors was taken :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I didnt quite think it through until it created a couple of laughs with friends, so I kept it


Does anyone know who Willy is?

He/she applied to join the group canot add untill I know who it is


Don’t recognise the name or any of the people in the friends list either.


Same hence my checking on here first before I reject it - will give everyone time to chime in till tomorrow


Oh my word… He’s got a MapleStory badge?

MapleStory is on Steam?!

My faith in humanity is slipping further and further into the abyss.

Edit: Look at his groups. 900+, all kinds of unrelated countries. It has to be scripted…