Most Epic Win community health report — February 2020

Today, I went digging through our forum stats to see how our baby is doing. Just over two years old now — she’s probably due for a checkup.

Daily Engaged Users

This is the number of people who liked or posted something on any given day.

On average, you can expect 24 people to be active on MEW on any given day.

You might think that Christmas and New Year’s are our quietest times of the year, but it seems that fewer people like and post stuff in the first week of work of the year.

Weekends are overall the quietest periods on the forum — no surprise there. That’s when we all get our game on so we have stuff to post about in the week!


Number of new posts (per week?)

If I’m reading this graph right, it seems to show the number of new posts per week.

During the first few months of our forum’s existence, there was a flurry of posts. This is to be expected, as we were still figuring out all the cool stuff our new toy could do.

What is of particular interest is that after our first Christmas together here, post volumes never quite rebounded to previous levels. That’s not to say they have been low… apart from a few lulls, post volumes have been doing fine!

It was just interesting to see such a clear “before” and “after” break between December 2018 and January 2019.

However! Don’t be blinded by the peaks. There lurks an interesting insight if you look to the valleys… but more on that later!

User visits

Number of visits from registered users (per week?)

The number of visits from users has been pretty steady since we started operating properly in February 2018.


Daily active users over monthly active users. Number of users who logged in on a particular day, divided by number of users who logged in over the past month.

According to Discourse, this is a percentage which indicates community stickiness. It suggests that we aim for a ratio greater than 30%.

We are well over 50% and often touch 70%.

In other words, we have a very sticky community. Wash your hands once in awhile, people!


Number of new topics (per week?)

Once again, it is quite understandable that there would be a flurry of new threads topics at the birth of our forum.

In our community, I’ve noticed that we generally prefer to organise conversations neatly into one topic per subject. [Can’t I just call it a thread? No-one is going to understand this sentence! (Yes I’m talking to myself in text. Maybe I’m finally snapping.)]

Rather than create tonnes of new topics, we tend to return to post in older topics to keep the conversations together.

As a result, one should expect a dramatic drop-off in new topics given the fact that our daily active users and “stickiness” figures are so steady.

This graph, to me, illustrates the importance of @Solitude’s Brute Force initiative. It helps ensure there are constantly new topics for people to check out every week.

Don’t be like Gandalf and get distracted by mountains!

As mentioned in “Posts” above, I wanted to argue that we should not become too distracted by high peaks, and should appreciate higher valleys as well.

Take a look at the final graph below.

The yellow trendline is drawn through the December/Christmas “low activity periods”.

It shows that during the forum’s lowest activity times, the number of posts are increasing. In other words, the minimum “baseline” of activity in our community appears to be increasing. That’s a grand thing.

(Update) Tag! You’re it!

Hey, @DieGrootHammer: This is a love letter to you.

@Entity: We spoke about this some time ago. You actively worked to boost activity last year and I think the effect of your work is evident. Thank you. You can also see what that spike in activity in July last year looks like compared to “normal” weeks/months.

@Flex: You asked about this at Gauteng meetup. Here are the actual stats!


Taking over @DieGrootHammer stats analysis. :smiley:

Its good to know that we are really quite sticky.


This is giving me all the warm and fuzzies! It means we are doing ok :smiley: (or at least that is how I see it)


Cool I have tried sending a few people this way but they have not stuck around :frowning:


Cool to see how this safe heaven started and how it’s still growing by the day/months :mechanical_arm:


wow thats a interesting amount of data


We’ll just need to become more sticky.


Ons kort een wat al die floek woorde tel XD


Some very cool stats there!

Posts and new threads are pretty cool and all, but we need to try get Daily engages Users up.

How active is MEW on Social media. On which social Media platform are we on currently?

What do those stats look like?


Ek share met so veel mense as moontlik maar sien nie dat hulle join nie


Ag ten minste het jy hier gebly.


I would still like to get a MEW eSport team going some time.
And then get someone on here who likes to edit and make videos to edit the vids and make clips for MEW social media and so on.


I vote for siege


Ek liken dit hier. Spyt ekt nie vroeer gejoin nie


We can have a few teams.
Dota 2
And then the racing as well.

Atm the only ones with regular comps and so on that I know of is CSGO, Dota 2, Apex and the racing.
The PC Siege local comp scene is not very active, and the same with PUBG since mettlestate are not hosting games


Then we have to do something about this


I think I tried when Mew just started, or it was back in MyG, can’t remember. Will try it again and see who is keen for which games and teams.

I do not mind over seeing it all. but then there will have to be a Leader for each game, and then a captain for each team. Will set something up and see what we can do


All very interesting stats right there


Yay! This is good growth. Not bad growth like that mole on under my arm that probably needs to be removed.