Most Epic YouTube channel


I’ve created a YouTube channel for Most Epic Win to help organise all the sweet videos members of the community are making for one another.

We don’t have to upload to the channel… we can just use playlists to pull everyone’s videos together.

Here’s a link to the channel:

(Doesn’t embed, it seems.)

And here are some links to playlists:

MEW Secret Santa 2018

Nice. I’m now subscribed!


Awesome stuff!! We should add gameplay videos to there as well. That would be cool


Loved the Secret Santa videos and everyone being so careful of the glitter :rofl:


Legit subbed!


Subbed, lol channel banner


the about section should be updated asap so we can get all the subs


Done! Flipping Google has “About” sections scattered all over the sign-up process. So I thought I set that when I uploaded the icon and banner, but no, that was some other about section for who knows what.

*Edit: I’ve also added links to all our stuff.