Multiple endings

Multiple endings mean you can play the game a few times with a different ending. I have always found this really hard since I always go back to the choices that seems right to me ending up with the same ending.

Also some games just don’t warren a 2de play trough.

I like the idea of multiple endings. It’s not often that I play through a game again even if it has multiple endings though!

I very rarely that I replay games and I cant remember the last time I did not get the best ending, its normally pretty predictable what actions you need to take to make everyone happy, that and doing every side quest.

Games with legit multiple endings are rare. Most of them have good and bad endings, depending on the choices you make. Not many of the endings are so vastly different based on how you’ve played the game.

An example would be Firewatch and The Stanley Parable. In Firewatch, there are different endings but they vary slightly based on some late game decisions you make. In The Stanley Parable, the game revels in the fact that there are something like 40 different endings, each one as different as the next.

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bioshock had multiple endings, but i played through it twice and made too many good choices both times


Play Anna, its horrible