My Time at Portia

Anyone else here played/playing this (awesome) game. I heard and saw a little about it a while ago but never really bothered to look into it too much. Then over the weekend I saw it on GamePass and on a whim decided to download it and give it a go. I was pleasantly surprised to say the least.

As a Stardew Valley addict this game almost scratches the same itch, albeit a bit differently. Instead of inheriting a farm you inherit a workshop in a small community (not unlike Stardew) and take on the roll of the newest builder in town. There is a main story to follow but you can also get building commissions from people around the town. You can also upgrade buildings and build new ones, interact with other people in the community, take part in community events, get married, etc. It has Abandoned Ruins to explore for ore for your crafting needs and there’s fishing too. I’ve barely scratched the surface and I’m sure there is a lot more I haven’t discovered yet.

Definitely check this out if you like games like Stardew Valley and/or Harvest Moon.


I’ve watched a couple of streamers playing it, and it definitely gives me the same vibe as Stardew, only with better graphics :slight_smile:

I see it’s available on both GP PC and GP Console.

Does that mean there’s cross-platform saves? And is there a multiplayer option to it all, does anybody know? If so, could it be a possible MEWME game for the future?


Only single player unfortunately. It’s quite a fun game, although i’ve only gotten 4 hours in so hardly much progress as yet.


Why unfortunately?


I enjoy playing co-op games with friends.

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I have this and out in a few hours about a year or so ago. Its pretty good, but back then I think the grind balance was a bit off. I also think it needs a 4 player co-op mode!

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Bought this on Switch today for R122.

It definitely runs a lot better on the PC but it’s a perfectly fine port for Switch.

This will help for those long boring days at work where nothing is happening.

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