NAG shutting down its forums



NAG is shutting down its forums and directing its users to Discord:




Does anyone have an account there to invite them over?


I replied to the tweet


I did the thing.


Thanks @MetalSoup! Hopefully we pick up some straglers.


Awesome, thanks!


… follow the weird naked Indian.


Hello folks. I am from the NAG forums. Interesting layout on this site but it seems like a fun place!


Hey welcome @LazyDemoni!

Most of us are from MyGaming but we’ve slowly been getting more people joining the community.

If you have any questions feel free to ask or pm or well go crazy. We are laid back for the most part.


Welcome @LazyDemoni

There was welcome cookies, but I think @wenzdayz ate them all.


Welcome!!! This is the best choice you made for the year!

And I am positive @DieGrootHammer just hid the cookies cos he didnt want to share them


not my fault!, you should have put a sign up saying only 1 cookie per person!


The layout is quite “default” for a Discourse implementation. You’ll see many modern online communities using the software. Coming from a phpBB or V-Bulletin world, Discourse can be quite a shock. But it works a treat and you’ll love it soon enough. Plus, it’s a PWA, so pin it to your phone’s home screen NOW!


Welcome. Don’t worry, you’ll get used to the layout. It works very well.


NAG mag was awesome, had no idea they had a forum.

Welcome one and all!


Wel, currently it’s ONE. :smile:


Welcome! Hope you enjoy it here.