Name ThreadKiller 5

As ThreadKiller 4: The 10,000 Best Forum Posts on the Internet Right Now! draws to a close, it’s time to name the next one.

Please select as few or as many of these names as you like:

  • Top Posts of 2022, the Year Even Betty White Noped Out Of
  • The Thread of Extraordinary Posts
  • Yap Yap all Day
  • Post 10001 Not Found
  • Off the Beaten Thread
  • MEW Pandemic Special Thread for Support, Discussion, Jokes and Bad Puns
  • The 2022 Thread, The Year of The MEW
  • Thread Killer 2k22: Post Pandemic Special
  • The Lamentations of Random Gamers
  • Only 10,000 Posts Until the Next Thread Killer

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  • Another Random Thread of Dubious Origins
  • Yada Yada Fishpaste
  • Totally Random and Arbitrary
  • Watch This Space
  • Smack Talkin’ and Bitchin’
  • Complaints Central
  • Random Ramblings
  • MEW Shenanigans
  • No Specific Topic Thread
  • Non-Topic Specified Thread
  • Don’t Assume My Topic Thread

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If you have any others that you’d like to have considered post them here and I’ll add them to the third poll. I knew polls couldn’t be changed after 5 mins, but assumed that applied to the structure and not the options. Can’t even “correct” the numbers to topics :expressionless:


So please chech through the topic and :heart: any new suggestions you like. If you have others, please put them into separate posts so that others can vote for them too.

Polls will stay open until the topic is killed, and then ThreadKilller 5 (Working Title) will be renamed if it has already been created.

Remember that topics get killed automatically by the system sometime after the 10,000 posts mark is reached. The TK title goes to whoever makes the post just before the system posts this message:


My posts bring all the ThreadKillers to the yard