Need For Speed Heat

EA announced today that a new Need for Speed title will be upon us soon after taking a year off since the release of the less than stellar Need for Speed Payback in 2017.

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Races will now cost fuel, which you can buy for $5.99

But it all seriousness, i really want a good nfs game, the underground remake came so close, if only it wasn’t for the gamebreaking bug of falling through the map :confused:


3 days early play for EA Access subscribers:

Launching November 5 on Origin Access Premier/Play First Trial and November 8 Worldwide.

And Gameplay trailer in 5 days time:

Pre-Order sales pages and pricing are up:

PC (Origin)
Standard @ R999.95
Deluxe @ R1099.95

PlayStation 4
Standard @ R999.00
Deluxe @ R1069.00

Xbox One
Standard @ R999.00
Deluxe @ R1099.00

For those prices, only way I’m prepared to risk another Need For Speed game is if my Access sub is still valid in November. Otherwise it’s waiting until a big sale. Even if the gameplay trailer and subsequent reviews are solid. The combination of the last NFS, “surprise boxes”, and EAs Anthem release makes me less than confident.

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I actually enjoyed The Run, but more for the scenery as you drove across America.

Yeah, here’s hoping this goes well.

I’ve only really played the Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit remake.

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Yeah I really enjoyed that one too. I remember this live action trailer they made for it. I was so hyped by it. They don’t do things like this any more.

NFS - Le Garbage

I really enjoyed NFS 2015, if it’ll be anything like that then I’m in, Payback felt… off.

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Need for Speed Heat gets cross-play and the next game in the franchise is already in development by Criterion.

After an update coming to the game on June 9, Need for Speed Heat will be the first EA title ever to feature cross-play across PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One

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Pretty disappointing that this is the final update. NFS Heat was finally a NFS that most people wanted, NFS 2015 but better, and not payback. It just needed more content, which never came. Good thing I waited before buying. Now I won’t.

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I have need for speed heat, definately much better than payback but still it feels like a poor man’s forza horizon imo.