Neon Noir - a ray tracing Benchmark that works on both Nvidia and AMD GPU's

If you’re keen to test what kind of ray tracing capabilities your PC has (without an RTX card) then grab the Neon Noir benchmark from Crytek. You can get the benchmark from the Cryengine Marketplace for free by jumping through a few hoops: Neon Noir

…You need to register an account, activate your account (via an emailed link), download and install the launcher, add the game to your cart on the web, and finally download the 4.4GB installation package (through the launcher).

If all goes well this is what you should see your PC running:

Post your results here, I’ll only be able to contribute mine next week.


Nice! Definitely want to give this a try.

But don’t you have an RTX GPU?

Also thanks for the info @DarthMol. I’ll go and try it out. Would be cool to see if my shiny new GPU can do any of these fancy things.

Yeah, I wonder if it will make use of the RTX cores.

Dont think mine will look quite like the video. If it does it wont look so SMOOTH :wink:


Well would you believe it. Hardware agnostic ray-tracing. Leather Jacket Man won’t admit it, but I doubt he will be pleased if the industry gets stuck into this. “Raytracing is the future of games!” means “You will buy RTX and like it!” in Jensen-speak.

Man, I really hope this gains some traction. We need tech to be open and accessible to everyone, not exclusive to one hardware vendor and their expensive high-end products.


I must still try this out. Wanted to and then I got the pc problems.


It’s apparently a bit of a pain to get the demo installed and running, but maybe I should give it a shot as well. I love benchmarks apps and tech demos. :smile:


Remember the old days of 3d demos? Not game demos, but guys who run full 3d animations, sound and music in like 64k of code! I loved those. These days it is benchmarks that comes close. But they are more like 64GB!


True, but I think hi res textures are mostly to blame for that. The actual code is probably still small in size.

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Okay so I finally had a chance to give this a go:

Res: 1920 x 1080
Ray Tracing: Ultra

Score: 5991

The framerate hovered between a minimum of 44FPS (at one point) and a high of 84FPS, averaging about 60FPS most of the time.

CPU: i5 6600k at 4.3Ghz
16GB memory at 2667Mhz
8GB AMD Vega 64 (Sapphire Nitro+)

So not bad at all considering my CPU is below the minimum requirements.


Oh wow. Much higher than I expected it to be! Must give it a go on my laptop (GTX 1060 6GB) and see what the results are. When my desktop is up and running I can try it out with a GTX 1080.


Looks fairly decent. I have a better processor but a lower tier GPU. Will be interesting to see how things compare.