Netflix cancels Marvel's Daredevil


After only three seasons, Netflix has canceled Marvel's Daredevil.

With only Punisher and Jessica Jones remaining, both of which have new seasons coming, Daredevil is the third Marvel/Netflix collaboration to be canceled.

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Hopefully this lives on on the Disney streaming service someday. This is by far the best comic book universe series out there.


i have a feeling netflix is trying to get out of this marvel deal, im pretty sure jessica jones and Punisher will also be cancelled after their current series airs, probably still some sour grapes over the luke cage fiasco


Even if it does live on on the Disney service it just won’t be the same. They’ll most likely redo the DD look and feel and come out with a complete revamped version (their version)


What fiasco was that?


the series was cancelled for numerous reasons. One has to do with creative differences, though it’s not clear if it was between showrunner Cheo Hodari Coker and Marvel TV, or between Netflix and Marvel. Another reason is that the two entities could not agree on terms for a third season.

These two tidbits make it seem like viewership was not the issue with Luke Cage , however we cannot be sure that it didn’t affect the series entirely considering Netflix does not release those statistics. But based on the social media response to Luke Cage’s cancellation, viewing numbers might not have been a problem.

creative differences and agreements (probably revenue agreements) ended up killing it, the writers were apparently midway through penning the scripts for the episodes of the next season already


I will be honest I enjoyed the first season for each of the marvels but not luke, punisher or fisty after that it felt forced


as Disney has ramped up development on its Disney+ service, the two sides haven’t been able to come up with agreements to continue these series any longer. Still, there’s a possibility Disney could turn around and introduce something for its network now.


That’s a pity. This was probably my favourite of the bunch. I never used to be a Daredevil fan until this series.

I liked the idea of Iron Fist, but the guy had the temperament of a child (I liked the girl side-kick though). Luke Cage could have been good had it not been so slow and boring. Hopefully the second season will be better but season 1 felt like forever to complete. Jessica Jones was fine, but must still watch season 2 and must still watch the Punisher.


Jessica Jones is my favourite of the bunch. I don’t think season 2 is as good as the first one, but it was still entertaining.

I really didn’t like Iron Fist. The idea behind it seems cool but I just hated the character, he’s an absolute moron.

The other’s were okay, but all of them seem to be a bit too drawn out.