New adventure game from the Quest for Glory team - Hero-U

Hi all! I backed this game ages ago on Kickstarter, being a huge fan of the old Sierra quests titles. After a long and difficult development process, they are finally in beta and almost ready to release!

I captured the first 5 minutes or so of gameplay to give you that nostalgic feels.

If you want to know more about the game, head over to:

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Thank you! This is what I want!

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Glad to be of service. :slight_smile: I’m very excited to play one of these again. The classics never die.

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Weirdly I tried to replay kings quest and space quest and police quest - I just struggled - I loved them as a kid, the stories the worlds everything. Cant replay them

But because this is new I will give it a chance. Im just waiting till my monies are not so bleak

Do you guys know/remember or played Syberia?

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yar loved that game!

The only clicking puzzle game that I actually played

Hahaha I played all of the sierra games

Have a look on GoG sometime; many of these have remastered versions that play better than the originals. Of course, I have a friend that to this day swears the mouse interface is too dumbed down, and we should still be typing commands…

Hahaha I own all the remastered versions :stuck_out_tongue:

A true enthusiast… I like it!

Its what started me into the fantasy worlds and books, because of those games I read the hobbit by age 10 and the lord of the rings series by 12. Its why I still love it, and feel very nostalgic about it.

Do we have an LotR thread? If not, we need one…

I have a similar story, but from a different angle. I played Dune II at a young age and that got me into sci-fi novels (as well as RTS games :smiley:). I’d heard of LotR but never actually read it until I got to varsity. Fellowship hit the cinemas at the end of my first year, so that was a perfect excuse to run through the book and get up to speed on the story. I’ve been hooked ever since.