New CSGO BR Update

So why no fuss on here about this?

PLayed 2 matches of the new CSGO Battle Royal mode…

It is…


Not sure I like it.

Might just be me but, this is basically like a zombies game now, everyone and their brother is making one so it’s not really anything new at this point.



I didn’t know about it.

But why would they mess with something that works?

No fuss because people don’t care about BR anymore?

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I haven’t had a chance to try it out yet. Will post my feedback once I’ve given it a go

I played a bit of solo and then some duos later on, it’s quite fun. The fact that weapon handling is exactly the same as regular CS definitely helps. With the smaller map and fewer people the games are pretty short and there aren’t those lengthy lulls where nothing happens. It’s also really quick to jump into the next game, so you find yourself playing round after round, going “just one more”

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