New Final Fantasy VII Remake Screenshots & Character Art Revealed

Square Enix has released 22 new screenshots and pieces of character art showing previously unseen parts of the Final Fantasy VII remake.

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I know some folks that are going to be super stoked about this :wink:

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Ah, so its not that release they put up on steam. Its more than that.

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Who here played the original?

FF8 is the only one I ever played.

check with @Tom, @Hiro and @Talentloos

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I think that’s the best FF turned based combat they ever created. Guess it’s gone forever, in favour of action combat

I recent;y played the demo and I personally loved it. Though I do get what they’re saying and why and can understand, though I never had that experience first hand.

Being only the second FF I’ve played, I thoroughly enjoyed my time with it. First one being FF XV which I also enjoyed, but this remake feels like an evolution on that.