New LAN Centre in Pretoria

GUYS in Pretoria or even Gauteng. There are big things lined up. A competitive LAN scene will be here soon. It will also later cater to casual lanners as well. So it will be like MPLD (Monthly Pretoria LAN Day), but with the aim of developing and advancing competitive LAN gaming. Will start off with CSGO, and then add Dota and and and. Just keep your eyes open and I will keep you guys up to date.


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I might know so Jo’burgers that might be interested. Myself, not so much. I don’t game competitively and very seldom touch a multiplayer game.

Just waiting for final details,. But seems first LAN will be a CSGO LAN on the 16th of December with an entry fee and then the cash going to a prize pool a far as I know.