New spoiler tag and Discourse upgrade --- what you need to know about admins

Last weekend I upgraded the forum, installed several plugins, and changed a much-requested setting.

This weekend I finalised the basic code to create our first ad spot on the forum, with the help of our first advertiser, @Solitude. You’ll see that appear from this week.

Here are the highlights from last weekend’s upgrade.

Maximum image size upgrade

The maximum file attachment size has been upgraded to 4MB. If you think it needs to be higher, let me know.

New spoiler tag

This is available from the gear menu when you’re composing a new post, or by using the standard [spoiler][/spoiler] format.

It’s pretty awesome. It works on text and images, thusly:

This text will be blurred

Discourse forum upgrade – version 2.0.0.beta2

  • Mods can now lock post editing, if that ever becomes necessary.

  • Something I didn’t know before: Admins (and admins only — not mods) can read direct messages sent between users. Discourse now has a setting to log when an admin has done this and inform the user that an admin has seen their post. I have enabled this setting (it is off by default).


But I can still see that that picture is obviously a duck of some kind…:stuck_out_tongue:

That spoiler tag is awesome! Even if like Hammer says, you can see it’s a duck. At least you know not to look at it if you want to skip spoilers.

I’m very happy with how the ad thing came out. @SIGSTART and I worked on it Saturday morning and we hope it won’t be invasive. It’s small and I can change it on the fly on my side which is pretty awesome.

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I am getting these weird bloks every now and then

It was not me I promise!

I dont blame you yet

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