Nintendo Switch Online — subscription service for cloud saves and online multiplayer

Nintendo has announced an online subscription service for its Switch console which will function much the same as PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Gold. The service will become available in September. For the moment, Nintendo Switch Online will be cheaper than its competitors.

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One of these days we will have a subscription service just to turn on our console or pc.

As an update, the first 10 games we’ll be getting access to with Nintendo Online are:

Balloon Fight
Dr. Mario
Super Mario Bros. 3
Donkey Kong
Ice Climber
The Legend of Zelda
Mario Bros.
Super Mario Bros.

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Shoooooooooooooooooost you dont understand the want for a switch - but its a no no for now

Dont be silly…



BWAHAHAHAHAHA Nope there isnt even a savings fund right now :frowning:

I got my switch for 32000 eBucks… Best decision of my life…

On the ebucks store?

Yup… 40% off…

I currently use mine to by text books and dog food :stuck_out_tongue:

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