Notre Dame Cathedral fire

We all have seen the images and videos.

At least they have the fire under control now, it is still not out completely.

It is so sad to see the damage but at least some of it can be saved, I know they will rebuild it.

The why of the struggle with the fire.

Drone view of the fire

How the fire spread

Current live view from accross the river of the remains

Some stunning pictures



This is terrible. I wanted to go see Notre Dame one day.

This is the worst out of all the Cathedrals that have been attacked in France this year.


It is sad when historic landmarks are damaged/destroyed like the colloseum or the sphinx and pyramids etc but i always find it interesting that there are never funds available to help the poor or destitute people and there’s quite alot in france but the moment an event like this happen, millions suddenly flow in within a matter of hours and people are pledging $100 million donations for a building but they cant pledge that for human lives


So far they think it was an accident and not an attack. I am going to stay hopeful that it stays a tragic accident, if this was set on purpose the people responsible should not be given a save space anywhere in the world.

I am not religious, not in the least, but I am a lover of architecture and this cathedral is one of the most beautiful buildings ever.

At least from what I have heard, the fire is now out, now the cleanup starts. I don’t think we will see how it started or what started it - especially with the amount of damage, at least it seems that the roof burnt, it will be interesting to see what is damaged during the collapse. Paris was on my list to visit, I wanted to see this cathedral after spending time in the UK ones. I regret that I lost all my photos from them. (The ones we were allowed to take pictures in certain areas only)

@Mephisto_Helix I saw that you said you were going to visit Notre Dame in September. Strangely enough we were too. We will be touring Europe in September. Have you got similar plans?


Remarkably the stained glass on one side of the cathedral survived.


That makes me happier than I can express. Those stained glass windows have always been a dream of mine to see.

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I don’t think it has dawned on people how hard those firefighters fought to keep the place standing. And how carefully they worked.
In this article are photos taken inside the cathedral - there are still votive candles flickering.
And apparently from what I have heard the organ survived as well.

In the guardians live updates it has been stated:
Junior interior minister Laurent Nunez has been speaking to journalists. He said the primary preoccupation of the police and fire services was the “security and safety of the building” and identifying weaknesses in the structure.

“We have identified some vulnerabilities in the structure…notably in the vault and the north transept pinion that needs securing,” Nunez said.

He added this work would take 48 hours and residents of five buildings around the north transept were being evacuated.

Nunez again praised the actions of the Paris Fire Service, who had battled “not just outside but inside the building at great risk to their own lives”. There had been 500 firefighters at the scene after the fire broke out who were replaced by another 500 firefighters around midnight, he said.

“They saved the edifice, but it all came down to 15-30 minutes,” he added.
Culture minister Franck Riester added that the religious relics saved from the cathedral, including the Crown of Thorns and Saint Louis’s tune, were being held in security at the Hotel du Ville and the rest of the works of art inside – which had suffered smoke damage – were being taken to the Louvre where they would be dried out, restored and stored.

He added the three beautiful stained-glass “rose” windows “do not appear to be damaged” but would be examined more closely when the cathedral had been made safe.

Architects have identified “three main holes” in the structure, that of the spire, the transept and the vault of the north transept.

I know kids of today do not care for history, but the amount of history and art that was encapsulated in that one building is amazing. And that the sound that came out of that building will never be the same

If you have time some info on the organ

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A video released by the Paris fire department.
The fact that it was 1000 men and women who fought the blaze is amazing. That is why it survived, if the fire had gotten into one of the bell towers, it would have been so much worse.

Aye Sol, I have an American friend coming over near the end of Sep and we’re doing 1 week UK > crossing the channel, getting a car and then driving through France,Belgium, Amsterdam, Denmark for a week > then Germany for the last week. Historical and food tour with lots of beer, women and rock concerts thrown in :wink:

Very nice! We’ll be visiting similar places. Also starting in France. Enjoy!