Nyamakop's Semblance launch date announced

As you all know by now, I am following the progress of Semblance and its developer, Nyamakop, closely (almost, but not quite stalking them).

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Congratulations to the Nyamakop guys! Can’t wait.

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My friend was the artist.

am I cool now?


okay then.


That day is today! Semblance is now available for purchase on Steam. And at a really good price for the locals!

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Already bought, cant play thanks to internet issues

I lied, I thought payment went thru, it didnt :frowning:

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my friend did the art:

Jean Roux, he also designed icons for the Destiny games.


Remind me to nominate this for next Gameclub


Hhehehe it is a very short game, I managed to get 30mins played last night after aout an hour and half to download.

I love the mechanics of the game so far. I like the colours and feel and music.

From all the reviews I have read, it is mostly positive, a couple of minor bugs, nothing that breaks the game.

The main thing most people said its too short!

I will buy this on switch once I have gainful employment again.


I think on the switch this game is gonna be awesome.

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