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Yay I get to start this :stuck_out_tongue: Morning madness

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who is this @jessicavarcoe1

… aah it’s Donsie

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yep! And hellooooo dude - how are you guys finding the cape?

Haha thanks for starting the thread Wyv!

Donsie did you make your name your username on purpose? You did the opposite of SIGSTART

Ok ne I love how the thread updates posts immediately, no refreshing to see your new posts

Yeah, it’s been tough. Since the weekend I have both contracted the flu (and the family) and managed to put my back out. Back at work today and of course nothing has been done.

Finances since the move have taken a big toll and still waiting on reimbursement from work.

Ok you need to harras work - they need to pay you asap! Please shout if we can help out in any way

And how did you hurt your back?

And how did you hurt your back?

I’m not entirely sure. It’s a constant problem I’ve been having for a while, not sure if it’s posture related or what.

Could play a role or a pinched nerve

I’m really like this forums structure, the responsiveness and overall handling. Feels very good.

Yea and its easy to use, less clutter and I like the dark look. Once we choose a name it will be even better

Good morning. Anyone looking forward to the next Steam sale? I just bought a new GPU so I doubt I’ll be able to afford anything, but I’m still curious to see what they might have.

I look forward to it because I’ll be buying presents for my secret santa target. :grin:

What GPU did you get @MetalSoup?

Got this one:

Sheesh nice!

Luckily I dont need any games. so I am just gonna buy on behalf of everyone for their secret santas

Maybe there’ll be some of the voucher left over and then you can treat yourself. Especially if multiple people are going to do what I do.

But see I dont want anything really :smiley: So I hope most will be clever and buy accordingly - I will find ways to refund those who gave to much. All I want is my tablet :stuck_out_tongue:

Trying to get ready for VR. :sunglasses:

Nice, which headset are you looking at?