Official Space thread



Also just did that :smile:


They really getting that Stage 1 landing on the barge done well lately.



I assume that ties into this bit of news:


Yea. Really interesting stuff


While we wait on the Black hole image to drop… The Falcon Heavy is also getting ready to launch tonight. Keen on seeing them stick that triple landing this time.


And here it is!


I must say, I like it! Gave me some heebies


Was hoping it would look more like Gargantua from Interstellar. But yes, it’s pretty incredible.


That is so amazing. Like now there is actual observed proof of the existence of a black hole. Wow.



That’s bloody awesome. I like how they found the rotation there. I have to wonder if it goes counter-clockwise on the other side of the equator/event horizon/whatever…



Interesting that this topic has skipped my radar. I just finished listening to A Man On The Moon on Audible. A great listen about the Apollo astronauts. Unlike most documentaries this reads like a fictional story.


Will check it out. I’m a bit moon-crazed at the moment (lunatic, in every sense) with it being the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11. First Man is a pretty good read too.




Triple booster landing!!!


That was awesome


And then apparently the one that landed on the boat fell into the ocean as they brought it home