Old GameClub achievements



This post serves as a record of GameClub challenges from when it was still called MyGame.

UPDATE: Thanks to @Wyvern for populating the latter half of this post. You’re a legend.

If you would like to provide an icon for the badge to commemorate the achievement, please post it here. It should be 80×80px, and it should continue to look good when scaled down for when you click on someone’s name and it brings up their mini-profile:

MyGame Challenge 1: Dark Souls

Originally awarded on 6 June 2016 to:

MyGame Challenge 2: Borderlands 2

Originally awarded on 1 September 2016 to:

MyGame Challenge 3: Psychonauts

Originally granted on 1 October 2016 to:

MyGame Challenge 4: Grim Dawn

Originally granted on 1 December 2016 to:

MyGame Challenge 5: Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning

Originally granted on 1 February 2017 to:

MyGame Challenge 6: Spec Ops: The Line

Originally granted on 1 April 2017 to:

MyGame Challenge 7: Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor

Originally granted on 1 June 2017 to:

MyGame Challenge 8: Darksiders

Originally granted on 1 August 2017 to:

MyGame Challenge 9: Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Originally completed on 30 September 2017.

MyGame Challenge 10: Rise of the Tomb Raider

Originally completed on 30 November 2017.


Posting these as a test, to see what they look like. 80x80 is not much to work with for something too detailed. I’m thinking that they probably won’t work when scaled down on the mini profile…

MYGC = MyGaming Challenge
MEWGC = Most Epic Win Game Club (Is there a handy list like this one for Game Club completionists?)

Thoughts, suggestions, recommendations?

mygc1 mygc2 mewgc1

(I don’t know if Stardew Valley is GC #10, just wanted to see how much space there was.


Thank you very much!

Yeah, the text will become illegible when its scaled down. Let’s test it, though!

EDIT: I’ve changed the Dark Souls image so you can take a look.


Yeah, so that doesn’t work. Like at all. :expressionless:
I didn’t realize though that the badge description shows as a tooltip, so no need for any text on the image really. Will rethink it a bit more.


Tooltips don’t exist on mobile, which is what I use almost exclusively…


That’s a good point. Would not have thought about that. Still, there’s no real room for text. @GregRedd is right — the icon has to speak for itself.


Good point. But at the same time, the mini-profile doesn’t seem to display in the same way on mobile as it does on the desktop. Doesn’t show any Badges info at all. You actually have to select “Badges” from the drop-down and that then shows the full size badge icon.


Something like these work better?
Dark Souls

Borderlands 2

Mad Max

Stardew Valley


I believe it might just work…


These are awesome!


MyGaming Challenge
1 myg1-dark-souls 2 myg2-borderlands-2 3 myg3-psychonauts
4 myg4-grim-dawn 5 myg5-kingdoms-amalur-reckon 6 myg6-spec-ops-the-line
7 myg7-middle-earth-shadow-of-mordor 8 myg8-darksiders 9 myg9-deus-ex-human-revolution
10 myg10-rise-of-the-tomb-raider

MEW Game Club
1 mew1-overlord 2 mew2-max-payne-3 3 mew3-deus-ex-mankind-divided
4 mew4-transistor 5 mew5-mad-max 6 mew6-destiny-2
7 mew7-hitman 8 mew8-stardew-valley

Let me know which one’s don’t work at all, and I’ll try figure out a better icon/logo/symbol.