Ori and the Will of the Wisps

Just 2 days to go to the release of the much anticipated sequel in the Ori saga. As a fan of metroidvanias I am hyped to play this game (thanks to XGP).

I came across this update on how the game will be using checkpoints rather than you having to place them as in the first game (I’d forgotten about that since it’s been so long since I played it)

The Guacamelee games are good examples of how checkpointing works really well for tricky platformers so I think this is a good thing.

Either way, we know the game will look amazing!

Who else is keen to play it?


@Talentloos convinced me to play the first one, so I’m currently doing that (when there’s no load shedding) before I dip into the second. I’m rather enjoying my time with it thus far but I can imagine the difficulty will spike soon. Visually the game is so appealing, and the audio is just sublime. Really fantastic thus far.

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I’ve completed around 40% of the game so far, just finished the battle against the giant spider. It was a good and challenging boss fight. The area you navigate beforehand is pretty cool too.

The game looks great, but also feels alive with all the motion and animation going on. Really enjoying it!


This does nothing towards selling @Wyvern on the game.

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Hehe. Big spider, lots of little ones, creepy crawlies and darkness…

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Did watch some gameplay some stunning visuals. But will probably not get it since there is just too many games atm.

Just complete the game. I really enjoyed it, even better than the first game. I haven’t 100%'d it but will probably dive back in again soon.

I can highly recommend the game and for those who enjoy Metroidvanias this is a must play.