Over 1 million people have signed the petition to change GOT season 8

The petition is demanding a series that makes sense. As with all petitions, I doubt anything will come of it. It is interesting to see how invested in the series people were.

If they did create a new series what would happen to the old? Ban it from everywhere?

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Change GOT?

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“No one is very happy. Which is a good compromise, I suppose.”
Tyrion Lannister


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I haven’t seen the finale yet, but what it seems happened is that GRRM gave the showrunners broad outlines of where the story was going.

The major plot points are fine IMNSHO, but it’s the execution of it that left people unsatisfied.

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I remember seeing something long ago that the creators came to GRRM to propose the TV show. They had to tell him how they thought it would end. When they told him the correct ending he agreed to the show. I will really have to go digging to find it…

I have not problem with the show. I enjoy it. Yes, the last season feels a little rushed, but could this really have been stretched out to a full 10 episode season? Or even a 9th season? As much as I like it I guess I am not that invested in TV to demand anything. I just watch what they give me and if I dont like it I will just stop watching.


I don’t watch GoT, in fact I think it’s the most overrated TV show ever (sue me :p), but these petitions are so idiotic. People these days are way too entitled. So your beloved TV show turned sour, boo hoo, cry me a river. Its happened before (e.g Dexter) and it will happen again.

Same thing with the masses petitioning against Robert Pattinson playing Batman. Seriously, people need to get over themselves. The poor dude. Imagine how excited he must have been to be cast and then imagine how he must feel seeing all these petitions against him.


Not ever going to happen. Everyone has moved on by now.
They wrapped filming of the final season in July 2018. Its done.

I think as time goes on people will see the ending as actually great. One of the things I liked about GoT is that the outcomes were rarely ever fair.


I don’t want to spoil anything for anyone so I didn’t even tweet what I thought about the ending, but I agree with you.

While I agree with the assessment that the last few seasons were poorly executed (with season 8 being especially poor), I didn’t find the major plot points disappointing. The journey to those outcomes was what was disappointing.

The ending itself — I would expect nothing less from Game of Thrones.


Also agree the plot points are not the problem so much as that how we got there. Some of it feel just like lazy writing and other parts just feel rushed.


I actually feel bad for John snow, the oke really got screwed over in life



I feel you.

i have to say that i have not really enjoyed this last season… they over hyped it too much and created soooo much expectation.

The last season felt too rushed. There should have been 8 episodes imo and as many people have said before the writing did seem a bit lazy this time around.

But all that being said the last episode did tie up a lot of loose ends etc and it did somewhat redeem the season for me. They brought the unexpected again as that is why we all loved the show in the first place (ie having a favourite characters killed off etc.)


so many tragedies and hardships but he keeps on trucking

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