Paracable mouse mods


In the last couple of weeks I have been working with and playing around with paracable sleeved mouse cables. I’ve been using mine on my G102 for more than a month now and have had zero problems. It’s actually, really awesome. You no longer have a rubber/plastic cable that’s giving you push-back when ever it gets caught on something, the need for a mouse bunge is gone, and the mouse almost feels as if it’s wireless.

If anyone is interested I can make one for you, I’m able to create them for most of the popular mouse brands, just see if your mouse is in the list below. It comes with 3 pieces of heat shrink tube and a clear USB plug.

List of compatible mice

I got lenghts of ~1.5m and ~2.2m going for R200 and R250 respectively. Colours are: Royal Red, Black and Navy Blue.

Postage is up to you, but I can offer SAPO registered parcel post (R50) and Post Net counter to counter (R100).

If you would like to order one you can do so here: Paracable Mouse mod Order form

Any Questions? Let me know below.


That’s brilliant! I’ve been thinking about doing this ever since I got caught in the mousetrap that is r/MouseReview. I also use a G102 - such a lovely little mouse.

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Definitely an awesome idea! As soon as mine breaks I’ll let you know :muscle:

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How do we attach these?


Asking the real questions I see😂

You just open up the mouse, remove the old cable and then replace it with the paracable. It’s like unplugging a tiny molex plug. There’s also heat shrink with it, which you use to create a grommet, to stop the cable coming out.

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ok nope not me :smiley:
I break stuff you all know this!

Unfortunately you dont have my red dragon on the list. I would love something like this for my headphones as well