Parents: How do you juggle parental commitments against gaming desires?

soo…past couple days have been fun at work. Hope everyone is well.

question for the parents out there : How do you juggle parental commitments against gaming desires ? I find that I can only really game once the kids are in bed, and this means I end up playing till quite late.


Make up some trumped charge of misbehaving and send them to their rooms.

My wife works shifts, from 7 - 7, which means on the days she works I have to pick up our son, get him fed and bathed and in bed. No dinner has been made yet and it will be after 7pm, so that only gets going after he has gone to bed, so most evenings we only eat at like 8:30pm. This leaves very little time for gaming during the week.
Even if my wife isn’t working its mostly the same story.

Weekends I’ll have some more time to game, but I can’t play anything which doesn’t allow me to pause; or I can, but if something happens and my son needs me for whatever reason I’ll be screwed. So it is quite a trick.

Also, my son is now 3, so I can’t leave him to do his own thing for too long.

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Pretty much this. The nights are my time to game - although that it also balanced with spending time with the wife.

This certainly suns up the “time pressures” aspect of the problem :slight_smile:

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Once upon a time I was playing EVE constantly, my wife being very patient. One day my 4 year old wandered in and asked me to help her with something. My first reaction was anger at being disturbed deep in my game.

The next thing I did was stop playing games entirely until I could sort out my addiction.

Then I started playing again, always keeping in mind that my kids are going to be kids only once. Games will always be there for when they are asleep.

I have seen the same thing happen with RL friends, most of them not realising what is happening to them until I point it out to them. In most cases I am told off that I am interfering. In some cases they also came to realise what is happening to them.

Now my 4 year old is a teenager and wants no hugs or anything to do with me and I am glad I took the gap to actually spend a TON of time with her when she was still cute and huggable.

Be careful.


BAM, right in the feels!! :frowning: this has also happened to me a couple of times. I really have to get this addiction under control


Sacrifice sleep. I don’t play during the week when my wife and girl is awake. Sometimes on weekends, my wife will volunteer to keep an eye on the little one while I game, but I feel selfish when I do. Thus, I’ll game when they’re asleep or when I’ve got the day off and they’re at work and creche.
Next week Wednesday night we’ll make an exception for the Multiplayer evening.

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I switch on my games when everyone has gone to bed, usually around 9pm.
It takes a while to get used to the fact you I cant game when you want. It’s worth it though trust me.

I found that my keeness to game was directly related to my proximity of the gaming devices haha
so I will go outside with my kid. We are outside more than anything which is how childhood should be.


The only way I get around to gaming, is if I sacrifice sleep. By the time the wife and kids are in bed is probably around 10pm. I then game for around 2 hours. The downside here is that I am permanently exhausted

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That’s about what I do, I jump on for about 2 hours when the wife and kid are asleep, around 10. I do find that it means I don’t like the type of games that require a large time investment anymore, and I’m always tired, but kids make you used to being tired.

I’m currently taking a break between games to rest up again before I start a new game, playing a bit of MP here and there when I get a chance, but otherwise choosing to catch up sleep a bit rather than start a new game for a little while.

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