Petrol Heads


Oh my.


you had me at Newey!



Got myself a new suit :stuck_out_tongue:

Guess who I want to be.


i managed to buy a 1st gen audi A4 V6 (powaaaaaah) for the same price as the airbag of my flat bottom steering wheel that i still need to acquire

it needs a bit of work but for that price i couldnt say no :grinning:, im not gonna keep it though, plan is to fix a few minor things on it then sell it again.


You and that Audi dude . . . . .


no this is another audi :grinning:


I love you but you have an addiction, you know that right?


nooooo :roll_eyes:



Laat ek eerder stil bly :stuck_out_tongue:


hey atleast im not wasting my money unnecessarily, consider it an investment


Dude you are building a car - yes its an investment but its expensive I know!


im spending 5k max on it (according to my calculations i have already gotten most of the stuff) then im selling it off. it runs and its still licenced.


Good then :smiley: someone had to check and keep an eye on you :stuck_out_tongue:


slowly working my way towards a new TT :grin:


Hahhaaha ADDICT!


Will get some more/better pics


How did you do?


I did not do too well. Felt very uncomfortable and tyres were not gripping at all, lost the front and rear at the same time numerous times.
I ended up 14th I think, but my brother came 3rd. He was damn fast!


eish dude, new tyres?
but good for your bro