Petrolheads / Electroheads / Motorheads

I do not think there is one of these yet, but lets get a thread going for the petrol heads.
This includes cars, bikes and anything mechanical that makes your panties a little moist.

I am and have been a biker my whole life. Started in Super bikes bikes and have ridden everything in between.

Been a quiet spill regarding riding on the track for quite a few years since my track bike was written off so I just commuted on a bike.

Recently I started to race again, and loving it!

Here are a few bikes I rode over the years.

Show us either your current rides or dream rides. Or just chat about general motoring news


Oh man. Bikes. Been a lifelong dream of mine. When I was younger I got the “not over my dead body” speech from my mother. Then I moved out and thought now is my time. But then I got married and got the same speech from my wife.

When I was younger living on the farm I had an XT 500. The thing was a beast and I really love them.

As I got older I got a Vespa for going to school. But that is where it stopped. My dream in high school was these two.

Suzuki 400 Bandit

And the CBR 250

My friend had both and one day decided to sell the CBR. I begged for weeks until my dad agreed only to have my mother put her foot down to squash that dream.

Now its been around 12 years since I have ridden a bike. The current wishlist comprises of the following.

  1. Harley Iron 883. I just love the look of this thing and it’s relatively cheap.

  1. GS800 for the weekends.

  1. Ducati Monster 821. I mean just look at it.

I still try my luck every now and then with the wife, but at the point of writing it is still a no go. A man can dream at least.

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Same awesome bikes there. We have an XT500 sitting at the bottom of the stairs at my work.
Have you seen the new GS850 coming out?? Grrrr… sexy.

I love the F800GS. So much fun! I did the GS challenge about 2 years ago on one at the Wild Coast.

A Harley is probably one of the only bikes I have not ridden. Would like to give a sportster a go. but these Harleys with the monkey handle bars and hiway pegs are ridiculous in my opinion

I did a trip with one through Gamkaskloof (Pad na die Hel) and I fell in love with it. It was my girlfriend’s fathers bike at the time and I might have stayed in that relationship for longer than I needed to just to ride the bike every other weekend.

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My first car was an 1990 Opel Kadett Cub that was fitted with a 1800 boss motor (i bought it like that) it served me well for 4 years and the only reason i sold it was due to safety (no airbags or crumble zones) and the fact that the windows fogs up when its winter since the car had a useless heater.

In late 2011 i bought my current car, its an 1999-2003 Audi A3 1.8 auto, it was Initially a poverty spec model when i bought it at the dealer, since then i have upgraded the guage cluster to an S3 one, Fitted an Audi GPS Navigation Headunit, High Performance Drilled brakes from a TT, S3 side skirts, sline pedals, 17 inch alloys, upgraded Suspension from a golf GTI-R with poly bushes bilstein shocks etc the list is too long to mention to be honest, bottom line is the amount of money i spent i could have bought another one but i honestly feel if you personally invest time and effort into something then you’ll appreciate it more

Everything done by myself and if i need a hand by my dad aswell

I dont drive Fast but i prefer having the best components underneath for just incase, attached are some pics

Im hoping that my next car will be a current Gen TT but my main priority is getting all the property renovations done and paying my bond off asap.

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This made me laugh !!!
My mom and dad recently did the Swartberg Pass, going passed Die Hel on Putin.

I forgot about these beauts that I also ride on a regular basis.

And then here are some pics of the F800GS having fun. At that stage I was not intending on doing any hectic off road… So definitely had the wrong tyres for riding on the beach!

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It is indeed the best to do all the work yourself!
I also love being hands on when making modification on a vehicle.

I am definitely not as capable on cars as I am on bikes though

Luckily I was not involved.
But check what happened on the first corner of the race last weekend!

My dad in his Lotus FvH 7

After a huge accident in East London a few years ago - good reason to redo the car.

Chassis back from sandblasting and with primer coat - 10 cracks discovered after sandblasting already welded up

Aluminium cladding going in (my dad and youngest brother did all the work except the painting.)

BDZ as installed - new look tidy scuttle !

BDZ as seen from over the air filter - Dave Ingle ( DICE) TB’s and fuel rail - locally made in Cape Town

New minamalist analogue dash - Chinky carbon ! Windscreen temporarily fitted


Those cars look so much fun!!!

The pic where I am trying to wheelie the bike was on that exact track in East London


Car hit the tyre wall on the 2nd last tyre before the whitewashed tyre , about 10 degrees from head-on . Look at the damage to the earth bank, one row of tyres had no effect . Datalogger showed 39km/h at impact

That was where he hit the wall - he has been back but has had some bad luck of late that the car seems to break, blow gaskets, leak oil, drop oil or fuel pressure.

At least he won the floating Lotus trophy last year as well as his Class 1st place trophy. He is currently taking the car apart again to find what is causing the latest issue

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Could have been much worse wow. Glad he is Okay.
Have you been on the track as well? Is is something you guys did as a family when you were younger?

I was a passenger, I dont race myself, I dont have the confidence to do it, Im the only one in the family that only gets maybe 1 speeding fine every 2 years. As much as I love it, I dont want to do it myself. I dont mind being a passenger being driven around the track. But since he moved the battery to where the passenger seat used to be, havent been on track.

We tend to go every 2 races (when he is racing and not fixing something - we are bad luck at the track, every time we go, something breaks.)

Second race coming up on the 10th of March in Polokwane. Can’t wait!
Got a smaller sprocket, and doing an oil change this weekend to get the bike ready.

I was quite curious. if you guys could have any bike/car, what would it be? Post some pics!!

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current gen TT , 2015 models are going for about R400 to 450 k i’ll wait another 2-3 until they drop to R200-250k Region before trying to get one.


That your dream dream car?

Only requirement is it has to be road worthy

These would be mine!

The Ford Raptor SVT


No, but it is a car that i can afford and maintain and i love the design of it.

Underneath A TT is just a fancy looking A3, and i know a3’s back to front


Since seeing her on The Grand Tour a couple of months ago, the McLaren 720S:

I mean, the doors go like this:

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Tough race, struggled lots to get into a rhythm and straights were too long fir my bikes gearing