Pillars of Eternity



Going to start playing this. A little bit late to the party but I’ve wanted to play it for a while now.

First things first, what are your preferred difficulty settings?

And if you’ve already played the game, what difficulty did you play on?


As much as I loved the idea of the game, I was under the impression its a multiplayer game. Where in this now you have real time strategy that you can pause, swop chars for and so forth and even on easy I failed - I don’t think strategically enough for the game.


Play it on normal its fine that way. But what I can say to you is go watch a video on the naval combat.


Yeah I was considering playing on Normal.


Crank difficulty up all the way and enjoy


I started playing it some time ago and stopped an hour or so into the game. Not sure why, as I enjoyed the experience.


I’ve recently started playing it a d loving it this far, the narrative is brilliant. Also the game is so atmospheric. I look forward to progressing.


Was a great game. Number 2 is better but nr 1 is very good.


I played it beginning of last year and got about 40 hours in. Then I told myself I would take a break. And um never got back to it. Wanted to take this holiday period to continue but didn’t feel up to it.

I think this may be a game that I will just never complete.