Playing Vanilla WoW on a private server — your thoughts?


Me and a friend are playing classic/Vanilla WoW on the Light’s Hope legacy server project in the Lightbringer Alliance. I was wondering if anyone here is interested in joining?

I’m pretty sure that private servers are illegal. @SIGSTART?

I also play here, very well run private server and probably currently the most authentic vanilla WoW experience you can have until classic retail WoW arrives.

Currently it is the only way to play Vanilla. Many folk do not like the direction WoW has taken and prefer the “older” version of the game, it has nothing to do with not being willing to pay for a subscription - which incidentally I do, though Vanilla is a superior game to legion in my opinion (LFR, ONE talent choice every 15 levels etc etc). Until we have retail classic this is the only way for those folk.

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It is a very Grey area. There are so many, and all the software readily and freely available. I played on many private servers in my earlier days in between my official stints

As an old school wow player, I was never comfortable with private servers in general.

I am an old school wow player. And hate what WoW has become. And charging the amounts they are charging monthly can’t be justified imho.

It’s an interesting one. I’ve never personally played WoW. :smile:

I used to have the same opinion, until I tried out Light’s Hope (I remember private server scripting previously to be quite inaccurate). The experience I am having on Light’s Hope has been virtually indistinguishable from the original Vanilla WoW for me personally. From levelling up, to the dungeons and raiding. It’s just about on the money. The server mods are doing a good job in general as well. All in all, a great experience.

That is great for you guys, I just dont support it. I stopped playing the game because it became a job and not a game.

I havent touched the game in over 8 years and very happy about that.

I entered this topic (thanks for the summon, @Solitude!) fully expecting to have to lock it before opening a discussion+poll, but ya’ll always pleasantly surprise me. Constructive discussion around a sensitive topic.

Will open a new topic for public input on how we approach stuff like this and implement it in our code of conduct.

In the meantime I’ll change the topic title.


I believe Blizzard has said that they will be re-launching WoW classic some time in the future. No doubt as a paid for expansion.


Yup yup. But you will still be able to pay to win. WoW will never be the same as what it was

I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt for now, if they stuff it up … Private servers will continue to proliferate.

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how does one pay to win?

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Buy levels, gear. You can buy almost anything in game with real money now.
Don’t feel like leveling? Just buy your character all his levels

I agree with your sentiments mostly although it must be said that the best gear in the game cannot be bought. My biggest issues with retail are(in no order of importance) :

  1. Capital cities and other player dense areas look like a circus with all kinds of ridiculous mounts that just don’t fit the Warcraft theme.
  2. Everything outside of the higher difficulty raids is just laughably easy. Getting gear is laughably easy. Because of this there is no sense of accomplishment. There is no sense of danger in the outside world while questing. If you die while questing in retail you have to really not be concentrating. In vanilla you often die even though you did your best, and every time you do get a gear upgrade its an exciting event.
  3. Character customisation has been demolished. There are no cookie cutter builds, for example if you are a Hunter your either BM/MM/survival. You can’t be a hybrid with points allocated to two trees (or all three). To compound this, within each tree you get ONE talent choice every 15 levels.
  4. LFR is quite possibly the worst idea ever. It has really damaged the social aspect of the game.
  5. Not a fan of flying mounts, you lose that sense of immersion when you can just fly over everything and go straight to your quest area.
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He is referring to retail

Yeah LFG and LFR is indeed where they took the wrong turn. Was the most fun having to run 30 minutes with a friend to get to a summoning stone to summon the rest of the party

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