PlayStation account issues — primary PS4 not seen as primary

Not sure if this is the right place to post this but is anyone else having issues with their Playstation account?
This morning my playstation just abrubtly stopped netflix, telling me i need to make this PS4 my primary PS4 as there is another PS4 that is currently the primary one. I cant get this PS4 to be the primary PS4 as it keeps telling me that the PS network is being maintained. I dont have another PS4… also the PSnetwork says my e-mail for my account has not been verified, but i have 2 factor verification set up as well and can sign in and out of my account with no issues.

This is really weird.


I’ll check mine out when I get home tonight


OK managed to sort it out… Had to get the psn network to resend me a email verification li k which just came through. So verified my email and have now changed my ps network password as well.
Now I can access stuff again on my Ps4.

This was really annoying…


Good move changing the password. It was hopefully just a backend glitch, but better safe than sorry.