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When did you become a translator?


I’m currently reading through all the election manifestos that are coming out, so I’m well-practiced in reading between the lines.


My apologies. I am not the best at expressing myself, I know. And it is something I am working on improving.


@qornea is selling himself short. He’s actually a great mediator.

Part of the human condition is talking past one another. That’s where most debates and interesting discussions come from. So long as everyone keeps it civil, at the end of it what you get is a bunch of people that worked through misunderstanding to get at the essence of their opinions, and understand one another better.

Like in this instance!

Quinton is one of those rare folks who is able to help guide people to that understanding.


TLDR; Haha stupid face.

There’s no need to keep it civil if people know you are joking. I hope.


Aw shucks, I’m just lil’ ol’ me.


You need a signature update with a tongue in cheek emoji otherwise everyone is going to always think you are standing there with a machete called “kindness” :rofl:


Haha yeah I think I took it too far today. Both here and with you. I’ve decided I will tone it down a bit. On my side I think I’m being funny but it may not come across that way.


You should realise I’m not serious at all when poking at someone online either :slight_smile: I totally get you, don’t stress so much!


Hehe I’m not stressing. I must really tone it down though because some people know me and know I’m joking but some random people may read what I wrote and think I’m a real jackass. And we can’t have that! :smile:


So you want people to think you’re a fake jackass? No man, be proud of your jackassery! Stay real!