[POLL] Promotional article for MyBroadband



MyBroadband has requested that we publish an article to promote their new broadband speed testing app on Most Epic Win.

Are there any objections to publishing this on the MEW front page?

If you have any suggestions for edits to the headline or body, please post them.

Headline: A better way to test your Internet speed in South Africa

Excerpt: The new Speedtest.co.za service makes it easy to test your broadband speed and rate your Internet service provider.

The recently launched Speedtest.co.za website makes it easy for South Africans to test their broadband speed and rate their Internet service provider.

The service is operated by MyBroadband, with servers at NAPAfrica’s Internet peering points in Johannesburg and Cape Town to provide a vendor-neutral testing environment.

These servers are connected via a 10Gbps link to NAPAfrica to ensure there is ample capacity for accurate speed measurements of even the fastest broadband connections.

Users can also rate their Internet service provider, share their results on social media, and use the platform to request a fibre upgrade.

According to MyBroadband, it designed a clean interface for the Speedtest.co.za platform that was built to work on desktops, tablets, and smartphones.

“What sets the Speedtest.co.za service apart from other online speed tests is that it provides an objective Internet speed measurement because of its neutral testing environment,” MyBroadband said.

“Most other speed test are hosted on-net by ISPs and telecoms operators to provide the best possible results when their subscribers perform a test. These speed tests are therefore not done to a central testing location, ensuring an equal playing field for all service providers.”

MyBroadband said that it does not allow on-net speed test servers and all tests are conducted to an Internet exchange, which provides a true reflection of real Internet speeds.

  • Yes. This can be published.
  • No. I don’t want this published on the MEW front page.

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I feel that it should be allowed - who knows we might get more of their people here as well?


No ! they killed Mygaming :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

just kidding, anything that attracts visitors are good in my book


Cool, thanks for the quick responses! In case anyone is wondering, no payment has been offered. If money does become involved I’ll let ya’ll know.


If it’s not too late, maybe make one of the Speedtest.coza mentions a direct link to the site? On mobile, the link to speedtest.mybroadband prompts to download the app, but the site itself works well without it:


Yep, I’ll definitely include a link. Maybe even an example test?


Moved away from Mybroadband to make our own new community. Just to slowly move back in that direction


Geez, dude. Melodramatic much?

Also: an inaccurate summary of the events that lead to the creation of MEW.

I’m asking if we can do my employer a solid, with an article that’s not entirely out of our wheelhouse. No more, no less.



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I like the fact that “we” (meaning you guys) “publish” our own content.
I’m worried that if we start to share content from other sites …I don’t really know how to express what I’m worried about.
I like that MEW is independent - we are right? Articles are written by you guys, because of your passion, not because you have to or you’re being paid. I just don’t want to come to MEW and see it overrun by paid {uninspired} content, or stuff that I already see on MyBroadband.
So if you proceed, maybe don’t make it a full article on the home page, rather like a small add? (the propaganda one)

I don’t mind “doing them one solid”.
If they want to start pushing promotional content regularly, it shouldn’t be free. It should be mutually beneficial to the MEW community as well.


I see no problem at all. In my opinion it’s a good thing.

Currently @SIGSTART is paying for the hosting of MEW. Um since he isn’t sending me invoices. :smile: This may lead to more promotional content in the future that may lead to money that pays for the hosting.


It is a good service for locals to use instead of speedtest.net for local connection diagnostics.
It also seems a tad redundant to rewrite the article to post it under the MEW name.

I can see the apprehension but I don’t see it as a step back. If there were only MBB articles being posted then I would worry.

But having “fairly” good articles published here from other sources could attract some more folk to switch to the MEW life? Just please none of those clickbait “oh you have to see it to believe” crap…


I have no qualms with it, just keep the adds and commercial monetization rubbish out of it. It’s great to get exposure, as long as it doesn’t harm the user experience.


What do you mean keep the ads and commercial monetization out of it? It would be ideal if MEW can make money somehow and pay for its own existence.


I’m obviously biased.


Your face is biased.


Sorry, I guess a clearly means of communication could have taken place. I have no issue with the site having a monetization means, if done properly. What I meant to say; is to leave the adds and therefor the monetization that would otherwise benefit those paties, out of it.

Hope that makes a bit more sense.


Haha none at all. :smiley:


I think he’s saying that MEW should be able to monetise, but not go the route of publishing advertorials and sponsored content where the adverts are blatant.

That’s what I got from it, anyway.


Thanks for that :stuck_out_tongue: