Post Your Pets!


Beautiful. I also want one.


I am hoping to add a pup to the family soon, since we lost our old man the house feels empty, and Mika needs a younger playmate. We are on the list wit our breeder, so hopefully in Jan we are adding to the family. I am gonna need a strong female name, short and sweet tho.


Helga :stuck_out_tongue:


Meet Becky!



Tough Life…


We inherited these 2 from my brother after he moved to the Western Cape.

Bit of a schlep having them though…


They are cute!!!






When i moved into the house we bought, the guy left his router there, so i phoned him to get the password from him so i could reset it and his cat name was also lucypurr which was the password.


Oh Hahaha cool


Anyone with woofies in Joburg please make sure their up to date with their distemper vaccination :sweat: major outbreak happening


Ok, my turn. Meet Roxy and Spike.



They are beautiful!


Frankie and Phoebe. If it’s not a Takealot delivery box, or a Pick n Pay shopping bag, it’s an open suitcase. And screw the expensive, padded, stylish cat boxes - those will be ignored after one day.


You know it. One of the universal constants is that cats will do what they want, when they want, and the world can just bugger off.


My two retriviers. Marco & Leo


My baby Jagger, this cat is the type who follows me around and lies on my head if i dont love him


I was sold on cats with the premise that they despise humans and they will take care of themselves. This is false. My two bastards freak the fuck out if you leave them alone. Want to close a door? Nope. They will open it. Wanna take a shit in peace, nope. Want to play some games, nope the keyboard is theirs now. Want to sleep, nope, the bed is theirs. Bastards