Post Your Pets!


Do you have any pets?

We’ve got two dogs. A chihuahua and a Chinese Crested Powderpuff which was rescued.
Benji and Jessie:

And we have an old cat that my wife had already when I met her.


This is Cusco. He just showed up at our house one day and decided to stay. Clearly it was a good decision :smile:


Im blaming soli if I start spamming :stuck_out_tongue:

Keegan - our 13 year old GSD - that chest thing was an allergic reaction that we finally solved by feeding him cooked oats once a day. That was his fav couch and sleeping position when he could get on the couch. Arthritis and bad hips are slowing him down now.

Vikki is now 11 years old - also a broken sleeping doggy Her favourite sleeping spot tho is under that bench.

Meet the brat aka Mika who just turned 2


This little fucker is Shenanigans. Named because of all the shit she does.

And this little fucker is called Solenya. He is the pickle man.


too lazy, heres the instagram page


Our oldest one, Maya

The younger kitty, Xena

And our latest addition, Leila


lemme make it easier - then I promise not to spam the thread with pics of my meerkat


Just sitting pretty like a meerkat! His balance is finally at the point he doesn’t topple over anymore
Still learning this camera - it is very sensitive


Between @Wyvern and @wenzdayz Insta pages this thread will never die lol


That’s Phoebe on the left and Frankie on the right. They’re both long-haired Persians. She’s older by 3 years and is a total diva. He’s a total dork.


Two grumpy cats?


Lol, yeah pretty much. They’ve both just had to endure the horror of a very long overdue bath and shampoo. Wet cats are frikken funny looking, and they get even grumpier when you laugh at them :rofl:


This is Pinky. She’s a Lasiodora Parahybana, or a Salmon Pink Bird Eater.


This is Merlin. He’s a Yellow Belly Ball Python. He only tried to bite me once…so far :expressionless:


Those are two absolutely gorgeous cats!!


That’s awesome! Used to keep myself a few years back.



Dug up some old photos from 2016:

Getting a bit tense:

They actually enjoy each other’s company:


They’re 4 years old this year (or is it 5?) and slightly less toned :smile:


Awwwwwwwww so pretty!


Thought I would revive this one a bit. Very nice picture of a handsome fellow.