Powerful post-apocalyptic art out of e-waste

I don’t know about you, but I have seen these photos pop up here and there. Hard hitting, thought provoking, different.

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I just love what he did with it - its actually stunning pieces!

That looks really cool. I can’t see myself throwing away my old laptops. I pass them down, my brother gets stuck with them :slight_smile: I have a cupboard with all my old cell phones, cameras, a 10year+ laptop, and other old tech stuff.

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We used to have a cupboard like that till I lost my cool one day - I HATE hoarding with a passion - so we used a magnet on all the old laptops and drilled holes in all the other loose HDD we had standing around. Dumped them all at the Makro recycle bins.

Very creative, amazing what they can do with old laptops and boards.

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I have been tempted to try my hand at something for a table or coasters at least - but need more tools!

I am seriously falling in love with this guy - his art work is truly amazing

And he is back