Price check: Second-hand 285W PSU


Random question, how much would you guys pay for a second hand 285w psu?


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Are you buying or selling? Maybe R200 or R150?


R200 at MOST yes. Can easily pick up 550W ± for R400. And the lack of connectors makes it even tougher to use in any kind of rig these days. Unless it is an old media or office pc


R289 for a 500w Yama, your standard one that goes into office desktops these days…can get them slightly cheaper if you dont get them in the box but get the “OEM” ones that are just in bubble wrap and no kettle plug with it…

so yea, i’d never pay more than like R150 for a 2nd hand. and a 285W these days is only barely gonna power anything :stuck_out_tongue:


Ok cool though the same, was just lazy to actually google it :stuck_out_tongue:

Selling btw, friend of mine might want it


Give it to him in exchange for a 6-pack of beer


Haha was also thinking that