Price Ranges for gaming PCs

What would you say are the price brackets for budget, mid and high end gaming PCs? I’ve been looking at builds but its difficult translating from USD to Rand and then looking those items up here since we seems to have different pricing anyways.

Also any other tiers you would have in there?

I’m thinking R8k - R12k budget
R12k - R16k mid
R16k + high end?

Your thoughts?

I was wondering about this because I was looking at a Ryzen build.

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I’m not too clued up on hardware prices these days but I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s more expensive than that.

Yeah, thats what I was thinking.

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This is a VERY broad question.

What does a car cost. Slow, medium and fast one =D

It probably is. But people do usually describe them like that don’t they?

Ok maybe a different question. What to you is the difference between a budget, mid range and high end PC?

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You are correct. Those are the terms that PC builds are normally described as.

Perhaps wait until Ryzen 3 and new Radeons are out? Maybe you can get more for your money or discounts on the above parts.

I’d say GPU has a strong bearing on low/mid/high end labels. I would say your example is mid.

For me.

R12k budget
R12 - R20k midrange
R20k -R30k High end
R30k and above ultra high end


That sounds about right. And wowee PCs are expensive these days!

I think that makes sense. My current PC will be 10 years old in November got to start saving up it seems.


I just noticed that you’ve opted for an M.2 drive that is not NVMe. You can nab a 1TB but get much faster speeds for around the same price:

Just something to think about when you do want to buy it.

Your question about prices and specs is broad, as Flex pointed out. I prefer it when people tell me their specs rather than saying, “I’ve got a high end PC.”

I think R12k is where PCs start getting better than consoles. You’ll have high framerate 1080p games and even 1440p at about 60fps+. Technically you can get away with spending less but I’d rather stick with consoles at that point.

I would wait for the new Ryzen CPUs and the Radeon 5700, even if it’s just to see what impact it has on the older tech prices.

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Budget gaming PC, Budget editing PC, Budget Media PC.
What you want to do with the PC at what specs will determine the budget/price.
A budget budget Gaming PC will cost much more than a budget media pc.

Anything under R15k is effectively a budget build in my opinion.

Price alone is not a good measure unless you’re only pricing functional components. Adding a R5k cooling system to a R10k budget build still renders it a budget build. A cool budget build, but still a budget build.

By functional components I mean anything that has an effect on performance (CPU, motherboard, ram, hdd and gou)