Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown

Oooh yeah, the prince is back!

Well actually… in this game you’re not the Prince of Persia but Sargon one of the Persian Immortals, an elite team of warriors, on a mission to rescue the prince who has been kidnapped. The game goes back to the 2D roots of the original PoP but with a nice metroidvania flavour.

Having played the demo I can tell you that they’ve nailed the fast, fluid and slick movement that games like this depend on. The other pillars of a good metroidvania are the setting or game world and the boss fights. The demo gives you a taste of the interesting Persian mythology and Mount Qaf is a place of magic, mystery and danger. The demo ends just before you face the boss leaving you wanting more.

If this looks like your kind of game, definitely check out the demo on Ubi Connect or the Epic Games Store.

The game has received glowing reviews, great to see a Prince of Persia game back in the limelight.


Damn, actually does look great, was waiting for how Ubi will screw this up but reviews looks decent. Will check out the demo.
That price can GTFO though, wait for 75% off :rofl:


Oh ya, full price?

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Ubisoft and their pricing :roll_eyes: It’s the complete lack of any regional pricing that gets me. Buy through Epic and we pay the full US/EUR price converted at our shitty Rand exchange rates. Buy directly from Ubi and we are channel to the European store and have to pay in Euro anyway.

Ubi also just changed the Ubi+ subscription pricing as well, so even the “buy it for one month” route has become more expensive. I guess R375 for one month of access is still okay, if you believe you can dedicate enough time to the game in that month to make it worthwhile.

There is a demo of the game available on Epic if you do want to see what it looks like and how it plays on your machine. (Presumably also through the UbiConnect app, but never checked.)

Download the Prince of Persia™: The Lost Crown Demo Today - Epic Games Store

Considering the Ubi back catalogue is making its way onto Game Pass, if we’re patient enough this may launch there one day

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Yeah I downloaded it on here to check out when I have a minute. You lost me at Epic.

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I WANT this game.

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