Private number calls, how to stop them?


I get on average 6 private number calls a day. If I answer them, there is a 2 second delay then it disconnects. If I leave it, it rings for 20 seconds and stops.

I cannot block them because there is no number to block.

Is there anything I can do to stop this?

I have tried screaming at them, using a compressed air bullhorn. Nothing works. I suspect it is automated so those solutions are ineffectual.


I don’t think you can.

I use Truecaller and if the number is unknown to even them I just ignore the call.


I have my phone set to block all incoming private/unknown calls.

On my phone (android), in the call history theres a “call settings” menu option, “call reject”, and “call reject from” menu options to get to the setting.

I dont really get phonecalls from family friends and its not a business phone so not a problem for me to blanket block private numbers.


My android phone only has Settings and then following options: Call forwarding, Reject calls with SMS. Then there is Call Barring but that only bars either all outgoing or all incoming.

No caller blocking ;-(

Only way I can block a number is to add it manually with a number to the black list or to add it from the call log and the private number entry does not show there.

Thanks for the info though


Go to “Phone” like you would dial a number, press the three …'s -> Settings -> Block Numbers


Screenshot from my call settings screens: Android 8, any help trying to find the block settings would be great!


In true aller I have this option


Was about to share the same screenshot, albeit not in that terrible blue!

I haven’t had a call from a private number in ages, and spam calls are also decreasing. I don’t block top spammers by default, as some of them are legit companies that need to talk to me.

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I wish I could ignore "Private Number"s on my phone, but my one client’s “policy” is to have all identities from their PABX blocked. So I have to answer. True caller does help a lot.


Call barring?


if people are hiding their numbers I automatically assume they are dicks. So I don’t answer and wait for a voicemail.
99% of the time there is no voicemail which = dick / time waster.

my tip: when you accidentally answer a telesales call, hangup immediately then block number immediately.


Option 1: Chuck your phone. Start writing letters again. Find nature. Find peace. Be one with the world.

Option 2: idk I guess you can get Truecaller or something like that, and block the numbers as they come. It’s not ideal, but I’ve seen a sharp decrease in these kinds of calls since I started using it.

You can also sign up to the national opt-out list (, but you’ll have to never ever give your number out ever again after - and even then it will likely still be sold out by someone to someone.

It sucks, but this is sadly just a part of being in a connected world the way we are.


I use true caller and block all unknown/private numbers . Hardly ever get spammers anymore since I started using it.