Project Cars Developer, Slightly Mad Studios, is making a console


Project Cars Developer, Slightly Mad Studios, has decided to truly live up to their name and also throw their hat into the Console development industry alongside the big three, Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft.

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I’ll sum this up in one picture…


Been tracking Bells’ Twitter posts about this since he first teased it at the start of the year. He seems very confident about it with lots of talk about “investors”, “talking to the majors about their back catalogues”, “most powerful console”. But he’s always been that way and his IDGAF approach to things can sometimes be a little off-putting.

There’s clearly a lot of thought and effort been put into it already. If he and SMS can pull this off all power to them - competition is good and all - but it’s going to take a hell of a lot for them to become anything more than a tiny blip in the XBox-PlayStation-Switch world. I’m fairly open-minded about it and wish them the best. But in the interim, I’m still leaning to the side of @PsychoFish’s summary above.

He has shared a few more concept renders on his Twitter account of the controller:

And this animated render of the console front panel showing it’s usage:

(Off Topic: Project CARS players… any thoughts on “Project CARS Revolution”?)


Exclusives sells consoles and considering all the money valve had it didnt even pan out for them, what are they going to bring to the table ?

Sony’s got the best exclusive games , Microsoft has the most solid established infrastructure and services, Nintendo has the heritage and nostalgia factor when it comes to their games.

what does SMS have ? 6 games with average reception a few that has been crowdfunded. Consoles are sold at a loss and there is now way a small company like sms will be able to sustain that even with investors, look at all the billions tencent has and Epic and not even they are that daft to try and bite off more than they can chew


I shouldn’t even need to bring this up, but…

  • 3DO
  • Apple Bandai Pippin (Yes, THAT Apple…and yes, that Bandai aka Bandai Namco)
  • Sega Dreamcast, hell the entire Sega corporation
  • Neo Geo

3DO was a contender, in fact I can draw direct comparisons between what Slightly Mad are doing and 3DO.

Conceived by someone related to Electronic Arts in some way. Objective is to create a next-generation gaming standard. Claims of the “Most powerful and advanced console in the market”…will likely lose to Sony (and by extension Microsoft)

PS - The above refers to Trip Hawkins founder of Electronic Arts and The 3DO Company.

Interestingly enough Slightly Mad Studios has a relationship with EA, and aims to create “the most powerful console ever built”…


the controller and box look horrendous. Like its trying to hard to be futuristic.
It would sell if it came with solid VR support with goggles etc. packed in. Then it could be a decent contender.
Not sure what else could set it apart?

Maybe they go the opposite way and its a high powered console with all the games on ps4 etc but you can also do office work on it?

flip I dunno