Project Planet: A Battle for Survival Between Humanity and Earth

Want to destroy Humanity but not sure where to start? Have a less than benevolent wannabe despot inside of you? Keen to use your media empire as a tool to influence public opinion? Project Planet: Earth vs Humanity may well be for you then.

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I played this the other night. One of the streamer’s I follow got a preview key from the devs (one of the devs was playing with us too).

It works in the same way as Jackbox where you have the game on a shared screen and everyone uses a phone/tablet/browser to interact.

It was pretty good! I had lots of fun with it. I got to play as scientists and as the Earth. Did much better as the scientists, but I think I could have a better go at humanity now that I have a better idea of how to manage resources a bit better.


Sounds like a MEWME game.