PUBG adding caves system to new map that you can skydive into

In an effort to keep the game feeling fresh and interesting, PUBG developer PUBG Corp. has announced it will add new vehicles, more weapons, and an underground cave system to its new, smaller map. The studio briefly discussed all of this in a blog post today, outlining some of what’s to come for the Codename: Savage map.

The underground cave is inspired by a real cave system–the Phraya Nakhon Cave–that exists outside of Bangkok, Thailand. You’ll be able to parachute directly into the cave, and there are apparently “plenty methods of escape.”

PUBG Corp. noted that it still has “some work to do” before showing off the underground cave. It’s going to launch in Codename: Savage’s test servers “in the next couple of testing phases,” PUBG Corp. said, though there is no word on when that may be.

The studio had nothing to say about the weapons coming to PUBG, though it did say one of the new vehicles is a Tuk Tuk, which is a motorized rickshaw. More details on the new weapons and vehicles will be announced “soon.”


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Can you imagine the carnage that would happen the first few rounds. EVERYONE will want to jump into the caves. It would be absolute anarchy.


That actually sounds interesting. There’s something addictive about PUBG. Every time I read stories like these then I want to play it again.


Wow, this looks pretty eppic!