PUBG Mobile | PC Emulator - It Works!

As an avid fan of PUBG Mobile, I was relieved to hear about this PC Emulator that actually works really nice.

Give it a try if you like HERE!

What’s going to take place:

  • The emulator is going to update/download its engine
  • Then, it will automatically start to download PUBG Mobile (about 1.2GBs)
  • Once downloaded, it will immediately start the game.

Settings for the game can be adjusted in the emulator and game.

I can now actually take PUBG off my phone now, as it looks and runs much better with KB+Mouse. A controller can also be used, but I have not yet.

It runs surprisingly well.

Side note: Google Play doesn’t yet work, but Twitter and Facebook do.

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Why not just play pubg then?


I cannot buy internationally. Steam requires a credit to make purchases.

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What kind of bank card do you have? if it has a chip and CVV it should work. i use my cheque card for purchases and not my credit card

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You can use VCPay as well. I don’t own any credit cards and it’s what I use to buy online.



Mine’s a debit card, and they cannot be used for international purchases anymore.

If i was you i would call your bank and ask them why they are keeping you in the dark ages…


This gave me a good chuckle :rofl:

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I have done so via social media; that’s how I found out about it.

I planned to buy PUBG (PC). I tried making a PayPal account as well, didn’t work.

I am going to try VCPay, that Murph mentioned.

You have to submit documentation before you can buy international but it’s really quick and easy.

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Any monthly payments for the use of the service I need to be aware of… ?

No nothing at all. They do charge 2 or 3% of the value of the card you’re creating irc. So if you want to buy a game that costs 200 you have to compensate for that when doing a top up.

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Back on topic: I can foresee this getting banned (if they can figure out how) since the emulator players on PC will have a distinct advantage using mouse and keyboard

Something I should have mentioned, and it also stipulates this in the emulator itself.

You will only be paired with players also using the app. Can’t imagine they’ll integrate a cross platform, at least not one that one that won’t allow for the same advantage as a controller or mouse and keyboard.