PUBG vs FortNite BR

So they are going to court O_o

Took longer than I thought it would.

Such a childish move from PUBG’s side. Do they realize that they license their engine from Epic?

So two things:

  1. How in the hell do they think they can sue someone on the grounds of a mechanic? That would set a precedent that we do not want to go down. Imagine the creators of DOOM suing COD for using FPS as a mechanic. That’t the same level of insane they are.

  2. The last game developer that tried suing Epic was Too Human. Remember that game? Oh right, it doesn’t exists anymore, and neither does the company.

PUBG is just butthurt because Fortnite is bigger than PUBG at the moment. But that’s like Valve getting angry at League of Legends because they made a more popular MOBA that’s almost exactly the same.


This specific case seems to be about mobile games that Epic made.

I do however think that there surely must be some grey areas where FN blatantly crossed some copy writing lines. It is not just the mechanics, but the whole foundation of the game.

They’re the ones who are trying to copyright the use of a pan as weapon right?

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Then they tried to sue Blue Hole and not Epic though ? I do not know the story at all. But if it involved a pan then Blue Hole was involved

Yes you’re right. They were going after the mobile version

I do not think anything major will come from PUBG vs FN. Too many companies invested and intertwined within the 2. Would not make sense

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I don’t play either of them but I did hear about Pubg being dicks about something or other toward Epic.

when i read this i was thinking none of them are first ark survival ofthe fittest did it first, dit it not?

Not really the same no. But if you are talking just about the pure Battle Royal, then there were many other games. H1Z1 KOTH for example.

But how many games do you jump out of a plane, parachute down. Then get forced into smaller areas while picking up gear and weapons as a wave constantly moves in.

The Culling did something similar. Like everything except the jumping out of an airplane

Know of the game and that it is also a Battle Royal. But never played or seen game play footage of it

Never played it myself, but saw gameplay of it. So you also start off on the map, and the map gets smaller and smaller as deadly gas circles the entire map, and you have to pick up items and weapons you find in buildings and stuff.

ya but both maps get smaller. you start with nothing and have to get weapons. and both get dropped in from the air (ark one get beamed down instead of a plain dropping you in

Oh shnap, was not aware of that at all. have it but never played it.
I think it was released quite bit after PUBG though if I am not mistaken

A PUBG official said Friday that the firm filed an injunction, alleging copyright infringement, with the Seoul Central District Court against Epic Games Korea.

“We filed the suit to protect our copyright in January,” said the official

So this means the suit is definitely not for the Mobile version of the game it seems.

Ah damn! the article I had only suggested it was about the New mobile games by Epic.

This should get very interesting then

nope was like the first mod for ark. when stil was early access. it become standalone a lot later

Ahh okay! Not a huge fan of Ark at all, so do not know much about it other that what google tells me :slight_smile:

What is the real difference between deathmatch (which you don’t see that often anymore) and Battle Royal.