Quantic Dream is Going Multiplatform

Quantic Dream, the Sony associated studio well known for their narrative storytelling behind hits such as Fahrenheit, Heavy Rain, Beyond 2 Souls and most recently Detroit: Become Human that released last year on the PS4, has indicated their intentions to move away from being a Sony 2nd party exclusive studio and to also develop for other platforms i.e. Xbox, PC and most likely the Nintendo Switch.

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Now all platforms can enjoy the next pretentious David Cage fever dream!


LOL. Honestly, I’d be happy if they just remastered Heavy Rain and released it on PC. Regurgitated pretentiousness if you like :slight_smile:

I’d love to play their games. I wish they bring their previously released games to XBox too.

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only issue is sony has the publishing rights to those titles they do lapse after a while though but that might take a few years. thats why the 1st mass effect ended up so late on the ps3 (the ms publishing rights lapsed) and why journey is only coming to pc now (sony’s publishing rights lapsed)


Heavy Rain remastered with 4K/XBox Enhanced graphics, release it on Steam for PC, make it Play Anywhere for XBox & Win10, re-release it for PS4 at the same time. Do it as a 10th Anniversary Edition this time next year. They’ll sell millions. Follow that up with the same deal on Beyond and Detroit 6-9 months later, and then release a new title. Profit.


I’d really like a proper remastered version of Fahrenheit… Or rather, redo it completely on a new engine. But yeah, this move is nice though. Can finally get everything on PC as I’m getting my ass kicked in Detroit because the X on the XBox and PS4 controllers are in different places.